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Director’s Message 2020-08-17T18:07:50+05:30

Dear Students/Parents

As you are aware, India has emerged as a leader amongst developing economics, by creating a sound industrial, financial and technical base. Our strong roots in quality education play a vital role in maintaining the momentum of continued growth and the overall development of students.

Mahaveer Classes in keeping with the tradition of providing quality education has contributed tremendously towards developing qualified engineers by providing excellent coaching services from school level to IIT JEE & NEET & similar other competitive exams.

We believe that nurturing young minds at an early age can lead to great professional careers. This year, owing to the persistent demand of students and parents we have launched coaching class for Maths, NTSE, IIT/NEET students to provide a sound foundation for the preparation of the NTSE & IJSO examination.

We always believe that excellence in education can make a difference in a person’s world I would like to express my gratitude for the faith and interest you have shown in Mahaveer Classes. We believe in cultivating the unique strengths of each individual student.

Our dreams have been woven with the rewarding careers of our students. We strive to accomplish this by supporting them in their efforts through contemporary academic programs, practices, qualified facilities and an efficient administration. What makes Mahaveer Classes so singular is that we believe that truth can be arrived at only through hard work.

I can assure you that our Association will be one of the most cherished decisions of your life. Mahaveer Classes is a place where you will be challenged to achieve your potential, find support as you shape up your future and open doors to success. I ensure that no stone will remain Unturned in the endeavor to ensure you a great career ahead.

Wishing you a very bright future!
N.J. Gadiya
Founder Director.

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